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Films: A Fairy Tale



In the mythical land of fairy tales, magic, and wonder, there exists a castle-kingdom known as Emit. It is a peaceful and enchanted place where childhood tales are alive. The King of Hearts, a wise and loving ruler, governs over the land until a dark figure named Cedric, the King of Hearts’ brother, conspires to enslave the kingdom for his own. Cedric first disposes of the King and Queen of Hearts, then orders his henchmen to ‘take care of’ the newborn Prince in the crocodile infested river. Believing his plan complete, Cedric takes his place as the new King. Now darkness ripples throughout the Kingdom of Emit. 20 Years later. Although Cedric’s tyranny over the people still reigns, life is relatively peaceful for a young man named Henry, his mother (Old Mother Hubbard), and the children she cares for, until one day when Cedric’s henchmen pay a “visit”. With Henry away from home, the mother and children attempt to stand up to the henchmen, but are no match for the thugs who pillage their shoe house, leaving them with nothing of value. Upon discovering a secret from Humpty Dumpty and Baa Baa Black Sheep about his past, Henry hastily returns to his childhood home, only to find it destroyed and Old Mother Hubbard arrested. Henry boldly sets off on a mission to make things right. He travels to Emit and towards an ultimate showdown with Cedric. Throughout his action-packed journey, Henry encounters one fairy tale character after another and is befriended by a comical group of rebels who also want nothing more than to see the end of tyranny over their land. Henry must use all of his cunning, wits, and courage to face his destiny and confront his shadowy past. Can Henry rise to fulfill his true calling and defeat Cedric, and bring peace and justice back to the land of fairy tales?

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